Guard Experts Neighborhood Security Program has been dedicated to the prevention and reduction of crime at the neighborhood level, particularly property crime.  

Neighborhood security involves – above all else – community participation. You’re only as safe and secure as your neighbors make you, which is why true neighborhood security requires ongoing evaluation, effective organisation and…administration.

Guard Experts Security established the Neighborhood Security Patrol Program (NSPP) to enhance safety for the residents of a distinct area. The amount of time that the security agents shall patrol will be determined by the level of support from the community in terms of membership. Since more members mean more patrol hours, we encourage you to share this information with your neighbors.

In addition to the benefit of having security patrols at the time they are most needed, members shall receive the following services as part of their membership:


•Immediate Access to Security Patrol Service


•Call, text or e-mail anytime with immediate or ongoing public safety concerns


•The security agents will check member locations as often as needed


•Out of Town Check for Residential Members


•All members will receive a Guard Experts Security Patrol Program yard sign

Citizen involvement in crime prevention is the future of community safety. Neighborhood Security Patrol has proven to be more successful and more popular today than ever before, bringing true safety to those who matter most – your family.